IRMS017- Alan Pelz-Sharpe on Artificial Intelligence

In this episode James Lappin interviews Alan Pelz-Sharpe,  founder of the Analyst firm Deep Analysis .

Alan is co-author of the book Practical Artificial Intelligence – an Enterprise Playbook   The book describes the nature of automated intelligence (AI) projects in the information management space, how and why they can go wrong, and what knowledge and skills are needed for a successful project.  The book also gives a non-mathematical overview of the most important statistical models deployed in AI/ machine learning.

In the interview Alan shares lessons learned from existing information management projects involving AI and machine learning. He describes how such projects differ from document management system roll out projects; and explains why he thinks that AI and machine learning offer a golden opportunity for records management and information governance professionals.

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IRMS 017: Alan Pelz-Sharpe on artificial intelligence in the information management space

Alternatively you can download the podcast (to play later) from here.

The interview took place on 5 December 2019.