IRMS007-Scott Sammons on data protection and information governance

Scott Sammons works as European Data Protection Co-ordinator for a European bank.

In this podcast Scott describes his work including:

  • the issues involved in managing personal and financial data about customers across national boundaries
  • the weaknesses of the Safe Harbor scheme by which US companies can receive certification that they are managing personal data in accordance with EU data protection principles
  • the challenges of applying retention rules across national boundaries
  • the records management systems in use in his institution
  • a comparison between managing data protection in the financial service sector, and managing data protection in the public sector

Scott was interviewed by James Lappin

Scott will be speaking about the proposed new EU data protection regulation at the February meeting of the IRMS London Group (evening of February 10)  - details here

The podcast is introduced by Heather Jack

Heather's news item for this episode is the new community blog 'Next generation records management'  and the related LinkedIn group

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