IRMS015 – Mark Godfrey on Automated Intelligence

In this podcast Mark Godfrey, CEO of Automated-Intellegence (AI) describes the reasons why he and Simon Cole left an established Enterprise Content Management (ECM) vendor in 2010 to found the company

The company’s strategy has been to build their solutions as far as possible within the SharePoint and Microsoft Office environments that organisations already have, rather than offering a  separate stand alone records system that a customer then has to integrate with those environments.

Mark argues that this has the advantage that an organisation does not have to make separate infrastructure provision for Automated-Intelligence’s products – they can use the hardware and databases already deployed by the organisation.  His company prides itself on its products being quick and easy to deploy in comparison to traditional ECM (Entrerprise Content Management) products.

Mark also discusses various aspect of the Automated Intelligence (AI) product range,including:

  • their analytics, data migration and file management tools that help organisations understand and rationalise legacy data such as shared drives
  • their SharePoint extenders that aim to bridge the gap between SharePoint and a fully functioning ECM system

He discusses:

  • the use of AI’s tools  to regaining control of SharePoint implementations that have sprawled, compared with using them to build good information governance into a SharePoint implementation from the start
  • the ways in which AI are adapting their solution so that it works with the cloud (Office 365) version of SharePoint as well as the on-premise version

Mark was interviewed by James Lappin in London in  March 2014

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