IRMS021- Microsoft Teams: a records management perspective

In this podcast Rob Bath joins James Lappin to explore the records management implications of the recent meteoric rise in adoption of Microsoft Teams.

Rob describes:

  • measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of Microsoft Teams sprawl, and to ensure that administrators can track the ownership of each Team;
  • the modular structure of MS Teams, the absence of any overarching structure above each Team, and the implications of the fact that the list of all an organisation’s Teams is available only to those with access to the Compliance centre of their organisation’s Microsoft 365 tenancy;
  • the reasons why the majority of Teams message traffic tends to go through individual chat accounts rather than through channels;
  • the debates over the basis on which retention decisions should be made on messages in individual Teams chat accounts;
  • the practical barriers to closing and archiving a Team;
  • the implications of a Microsoft Teams roll out for an organisation’s SharePoint implementation.

Rob Bath is Information Management & Compliance Practice Lead at Intelogy. He is also Digital Director for IRMS. Rob’s blogpost on configuration choices with regard to MS Teams (referred to in the podcast) can be found here. His blogpost on retention issues in relation to MS Teams can be found here. Rob’s webinar on the governance of MS Teams can be viewed on the IRMS YouTube channel here.

Rob Bath was interviewed by James Lappin on 12 August 2020.

You can play the podcast here:

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