IRMS 001 – Chris Walker on auto-classification and on e-mail

Chris Walker is an independent information governance consultant based in Canada, who has previously worked in the enterprise content management space for Open Text and Oracle.    He writes the Info Mgt Nuggets blog.

In this discussion  Chris gives his perspective on auto-classification.   He differentiates between:

  • auto-classification in an eDiscovery context where organisations are seeking to identify documents responsive to a particular case
  • auto-classification in an enterprise content management system (ECM) context where the   ECM repostitory is ingesting content from other repositories (shared drives. line of business systems, ERP systems etc.) and is attributing an appropriate category/classification to that content.

The interview concludes with a discussion on filtering trivial and personal e-mails from e-mail accounts

The conversation between  James Lappin and Chris Walker took place in September 2013.

The podcast is introduced by your hosts Heather Jack and James Lappin

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